REIN REIN (SE) Stockholm based all female Electronic act/artist REIN is raw, energetic, electro built from the seeds of early EBM. Formed in 2015, REIN is the lead singer, co-producer, writer, Joanna Reinikainen. Live on stage she brings two girls on drums together with her high octane fearless energy. In 2015 she became known on SoundCloud after she put out three demo songs: ”There Is No Authority But Yourself”, ”Born to Die” and ”Concrete Jungle”. With the release of her first EP 'REIN' (2016) she came to the attention of one of the main Swedish radio stations (P3 Sveriges Radio) and renowned music journalist Fredrik Strage. On her second EP 'FREEDOOM' (2017) she explored a broader and political electropunk vision, touching subjects like feminism, anti-racism, anti-capitalism and about being a misfit. She was nominated at P3 Guld Music Awards Gala 2017 for 'Best New Artist' and 'Best Dance Of the Year' 2017. REIN's debut album is in the pipeline as we speak!