RADERKRAFT RADERKRAFT (NL) Somewhere between minimal synth, electro punk and new wave floats the irresistible sound of Raderkraft, a.k.a. Amsterdam-based musician and producer Willem Stinissen (1980). Equally cold and catchy, playful and hypnotising. Armed with throbbing analogue synths, staccato drumcomputer beats, quirky German vocals and miraculous visuals, Raderkraft takes you from the Autobahn straight into the galaxy. This summer Raderkraft dropped his boiling new single 'De Witte Streep'. This Dutch EBM track is an answer to Doe Maar, one of the most popular Dutch pop bands ever, and their song 'Heroïne’ from 1983. Just like that song, 'De Witte Streep' is a throbbing ball of frustration about a (fictional) friend who is addicted to drugs - cocaine in this case.