DIE KRUPPS DIE KRUPPS (D) Performing a special and exclusive electro set for BIMFEST XVIII !
In the beginning, with the first primal steps of EBM, you could clearly hear the influences from Punk Rock. Both D.A.F and Die Krupps came from the Punk scene and what you heard on "Die Kleinen und Die Bösen" with songs like "Nacht Arbeit" and "Essen Dann Schlafen" was taken into perfection with "Volle Kraft Voraus" and especially "Tod und Teufel", both songs on Die Krupps' second album "Volle Kraft Voraus" from 1982. Ever since the monumental release "I" in 1992, Die Krupps musical style could be described as Industrial Metal or in their own words, Metal Machine Music. With endless hits from the '90s era they have toured the world and had a great influence on the Neue Deutsche Härte scene with bands like Rammstein, Eisbrecher etc. Although there's still a few of us that remember that Die Krupps were there to define the EBM scene in the beginning of the '80s, it has been a long time since we were able to witness and hear this music performed live. A light of hope was heard on the 2010 release of mini-album "Als wären wir für immer" where songs like "The Chameleon Man" and the cover of Ralf Dörper's own Propaganda song "Dr Mabuse" showed a more electronic approach to the songs than had been heard in a very long time. The hopes were even higher with the brilliant album "The Machinists of Joy" from 2015 including one of the best EBM-songs ever made, "Schmutzfabrik". However, on stage Die Krupps stuck to the world of Metal Machine Music. Now, the BIMFEST audience will be able to witness something that hasn't happened in Belgium since the late '80s, where we get to hear Die Krupps present their old songs from "Volle Kraft Voraus" together with newer tracks in a strict electronic set up. Dare we say we are super thrilled? This will be a milestone in the history of BimFest!!